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Review your experiences and share valuable feedback rating restaurants on their GF-friendliness, helping fellow gluten free foodies have a great time.
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Our Story
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We are Phili and Ranveer, the dynamic duo behind Glee and weโ€™re on a mission to put gluten free on the map.

Our story began when Phili was diagnosed with coeliac disease back in 2019 and had to navigate learning to live gluten free. Whilst some changes were easy to adapt to, we quickly discovered that eating out whilst following a strict gluten free diet was particularly challenging.

The struggle to find places to eat with gluten free options and a good understanding of dietary requirements sparked an idea for creating a solution that we hope will be a game changer for gluten free foodies everywhere.ย 

So with our idea supported by Innovate UK, weโ€™ve set out to build a dedicated gluten free review platform. Youโ€™ll be able to search, discover and review gluten free friendly places and eat out with confidence.

Gluten Free Glee will help you get the information you need and play a part in helping others in a community that understands exactly what youโ€™re feeling.

We hope youโ€™re as excited as we are!

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