Aldi - Gluten vs Gluten Free Basket Comparison 🛒

Can you guess how we got on with filling our gluten free basket at Aldi?

Aldi shop

Good news - this is going to be a short blog post.

Bad news - this is going to be a short blog post…

Aldi, Aldi, Aldi where do I start!

We got the idea of the Gluten Free Basket Comparison series after reading about the ‘Which? supermarket price comparison’ where Aldi had been in the lead for a few years because of their competitive prices. So, you might think we’d have a similar result.

However, it was a flop!

It’s common knowledge that Aldi isn’t famous for it’s gluten free product ranges; they don’t actually have a gluten free section. But I thought there might be at least one of the staple items on our shopping list.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any gluten free oats, cereal, bread, rolls, pasta, spaghetti, flour, biscuits or gravy granules, and after doing some digging, it doesn’t look like they’re planning on selling them any time soon.

Michael Scott GIF 'Nope. Don't like that.'

There are a few stores that are beginning to stock the Genius bread which is positive, but I personally, haven’t seen any whilst shopping at Aldi. You can also sometimes get the gluten free chickpea pasta, but because it’s a special buy, it’s not guaranteed it’ll be on the shelf for you when you go.

We’re not asking for fancy gluten free croissants or the famous ‘Aldi’ caterpillar cake. All we’d really want to start off with, would be some of the staples. Maybe a loaf of bread, pasta and flour because they’re used more often than cakes and sauces which we can grab elsewhere.

Given that over 10% of the UK population is gluten free, there’s a serious demand for GF products and if Aldi started their own range, I have no doubt that it would be a huge success! And I’m not just talking about sales of the gluten free products. If all of the people who don’t currently shop at Aldi because of their lack of gluten free products, all of a sudden started doing their weekly shop there, that would be a huge increase.

Now that’s not to say that Aldi don’t do any gluten free products, they have plenty of ‘accidental’ gluten free products (where gluten just isn’t an ingredient).

Check out the gluten free finds we spotted in Aldi the other week:

Collage of gluten free finds at Aldi

So come on Aldi, help us save some petrol by not having to visit more than one supermarket to get our staple gluten free foods when we shop with you.

7 supermarkets down… 1 more to go. See you soon Lidl 👀