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Are Roses, Quality Street, Celebrations and Heroes gluten free?

Which of the 4 popular Christmas chocolate tubs are most suitable for those gluten free and coeliac🍫

Chocolate tubs

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Chocolate is EVERYWHERE at Christmas time (I’m not complaining) but make sure you aren’t eating something that isn’t safe for anyone gluten free and especially watch out for those you think are safe, but have cross-contamination warnings.

The last thing you want from Santa is to be glutened this Christmas!


Cadbury Roses chocolate tub

🌟 Starting off with some great news, all Cadbury Roses chocolate is gluten free without any 'may contain' risks so safe for coeliacs too!

That means you can enjoy all 9 chocolates in the tub including:

✅ Hazel Whirl
✅ Golden Barrel
✅ Hazel in Caramel
✅ Strawberry Dream
✅ Caramel
✅ Country Fudge
✅ Signature Truffle
✅ Dairy Milk Chunk
✅ Tangy Orange Creme

Quality Street

Nestle Quality Street chocolate tub

🌟 Another completely gluten free tub with no cross-contamination warnings is the Nestlé Quality Street!

Again, that means you can eat all of these 11 chocolates:

✅ Orange Crunch
✅ The Green Triangle
✅ Strawberry Delight
✅ Orange Crème
✅ Caramel Swirl
✅ Toffee Finger
✅ Fudge
✅ Milk Choc Block
✅ The Purple One
✅ Toffee Penny
✅ Coconut Eclair


Cadbury Heroes chocolate tub

🤏🏼 Almost all of the chocolates in the Cadbury Heroes tub are gluten free and safe for coeliacs but there is one sneaky chocolate in there, the Dinky Decker, which contains barley and also has a cross contamination for wheat. This chocolate needs to be avoided by anyone who is gluten free but the others are safe and suitable for coeliacs as Cadbury have confirmed that they are done on separate lines.

✅ Dairy Milk
✅ Dairy Milk Caramel
✅ Twirl
✅ Wispa
✅ Eclair
✅ Crunchie
✅ Fudge
✅ Creme Egg Twisted
❌ Dinky Decker (contains barley)


Mars Celebrations chocolate tub

🚫 Unfortunately, although some of the chocolates in the Mars Celebrations tub don’t actually contain any gluten ingredients, there is a warning of cross-contamination for all of the chocolates and a ‘may contain’ for oats. If you’re gluten free, I would avoid all celebrations chocolate. 😞

❌ Maltesers (contains barley and wheat)
❌ Mars (contains barley)
❌ Milky Way (contains barley)
❌ Twix (contains wheat)
❌ Bounty (may contain)
❌ Snickers (may contain)
❌ Galaxy (may contain)
❌ Galaxy Caramel (may contain)

I’m going to reach out to Mars to see if we can get confirmation as to whether the ‘may contain’ is for all of the chocolates but I imagine it is.

If you want to buy a gluten free friendly tub for yourself or loved ones, opt for the Roses or Quality Street. You could also go for the Heroes but remove all of the Dinky Deckers straight away so there’s no accidents!

I’m off to buy my favourites, Quality Street for the win 😍

UPDATE - I’ve been emailing Mars to see if I can get clarification on the ingredients for each individual chocolate but I’m struggling to get the information from them! I keep getting standard replies from different people telling me that the ingredients on the back of the tub are for all chocolates and not just one which I’m aware of but I’d like it broken down. For coeliacs, I would avoid because of cross-contamination but if you’re gluten intolerant, it would be nice to know which of the 8 Celebrations chocolate don’t contain gluten as an ingredient.

Hopefully I’ll have an answer soon!