Lidl - Gluten vs Gluten Free Basket Comparison 🛒

The last supermarket in our basket comparison series! Let's see how Lidl did...

Lidl shop

I’ve never really been a huge Lidl shopper; there’s not one super local to me and I always felt like it was one of those places you go into and it feels like you’re in a supermarket abroad. I can’t be teasing myself like that!

So I wasn’t sure how good their gluten free offerings would be. I knew that, like Aldi, they don’t have a specific own branded gluten free section but I thought maybe they’ll have one up on Aldi (seeing as they’re always in competition) and offer at least a few gluten free staples.

How wrong I was! ☹️ 

Just like my Aldi trip, I didn’t find any of the 9 items in my gluten free basket and, given I had nothing to compare them to, I didn’t bother pricing up the normal gluten products.

gif of John Travolta looking lost

It’s a real shame that Lidl doesn’t have those basic gluten free items, because it’s actually a pretty good supermarket and I know that it’s favoured by a lot of people. But, just like we explained with Aldi, if you can’t get your basic gluten free items at Lidl, like bread, pasta or flour, then you’re either going to shop elsewhere or you’re going to have to visit another supermarket after you go to Lidl, which is just time consuming and a hassle!


Now, don’t come at me, because I do know that Lidl have gluten free products in their stores. These are products often referred to as accidentally gluten free because they’re not usually labelled gluten free or in a specific free from aisle, they just don’t have gluten in their ingredients. Which we love!

So click on the image below to find all of the gluten free items I found at my local Lidl. If you’re missing pringles, then you’re going to want to read this!

Collage of gluten free finds at Lidl

Lidl, if you want one up on Aldi, then start introducing some gluten free staple products to stock in your stores. Just start with one option for a loaf of bread and maybe a pasta then just see how well it sells!