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Everything gluten free at KFC in the UK 🍗👨🏻‍🦳

Do KFC offer anything gluten free and is it safe for coeliacs?

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This blog was last updated in May 2024 🍗👨🏻‍🦳

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❗Before we start, this is very important…

Like most fast food chains here in the UK, KFC doesn’t advertise that they offer any gluten free options. That’s likely down to the fact that, similar to most fast food restaurants, due to the size and the way they run their kitchens, even if they did have a load of gluten free options, they just can’t rule out the chances of cross-contamination.

That’s understandable, and like I always say, I’d rather somewhere declare those risks themselves than them not be considered. Like you’ll read further down, the KFC menu includes A LOT of gluten and unlike Burger King and McDonald’s, I doubt that any KFC in other countries offers a gluten free alternative because it’s probably just not in their best interest to change their whole recipe.

“Our allergen information will be kept up to date and should be checked each time you dine with us as we may update recipes. Our teams cannot recommend or tell you what is suitable for you to eat or drink.​ 

KFC (UK&I) is committed to providing allergen information for all of its products of the 14 mandatory allergens. Our teams regularly handle multiple food ingredients in our kitchens, our food and packaging may contact allergens during preparation, cooking and delivery. We can’t guarantee that any items are 100% allergen free including ingredients removed on request.​ ​

If products are customised in any way, please be aware this is for customer preference and we cannot guarantee they are 100% allergen free. The allergen and nutrition information will no longer be accurate.​

Our fries & hash browns are cooked in the same vegetable oil as our popcorn chicken and bites so they are not suitable for vegetarians.​ Toasters: All our buns are toasted in the same toaster. They all contain wheat gluten and some contain sesame.”

Please note this is a shortened version of the disclaimer, you can read the full statement here.

KFC Allergen and Nutrition Disclaimer

Before you get your hopes up, I’ll warn you now that if you have coeliac disease, it’s not good news; KFC really isn’t the place to go if you have to stick to a strict gluten free diet. 🙄🙄

Ultimately, you’re the only person that can decide whether you’re happy and confident to eat at KFC knowing the risks. We’re here to give you a breakdown of everything that is, or can be made, gluten free so that you can make an informed decision. All of the information in this blog has been taken from the official UK KFC allergy matrix and has been split out into the following categories:

✅ Gluten free without any mention of ‘may contains’ on the KFC allergen menu

⚠️ May contain gluten from either shared cooking equipment in the kitchens (fryers, flame grilling equipment etc) or from a supplier that has reported a real risk of cross-contact on their production line

❌ Ingredients include wheat, barley, rye or oats so not gluten free

To clarify, this is for UK KFC only and this should be used as a guide and not an official allergen matrix because menus and ingredients change all the time. Use this link for the official UK KFC allergen guide.


So, let’s see if KFC really is ‘Finger Lickin’ Good’ for those who can’t eat gluten… 🤔

🍗 Just Chicken

KFC Chicken

Original Recipe Chicken

Right, let’s get straight to it then because it’s better to be told the truth before you get too optimistic. You probably already guessed it, but KFC chicken is NOT gluten free, none of it. Not only does the recipe contain 11 herbs and spices, but also a shed load of gluten!

❌ Original Recipe Chicken Keel - contains wheat
❌ Original Recipe Chicken Drumstick - contains wheat
❌ Original Recipe Chicken Thigh - contains wheat
❌ Original Recipe Chicken Rib - contains wheat
❌ Original Recipe Chicken Wing - contains wheat
❌ Popcorn Chicken - contains wheat
❌ Hot Wings - contain wheat
❌ Mini Fillet - contains wheat
❌ Boneless Chicken - contains wheat
❌ Kansas BBQ Dipped Bites- contain wheat
❌ Sweet Chilli Dipped Bites - contain wheat

And no, before you ask, removing the skin to eat the ‘gluten free’ bit of chicken is definitely not an option. Plus, everyone knows that the skin is the best bit anyway…

🍔 Burgers

KFC Burgers

KFC Burgers

Now, unlike other places where ordering without the bun makes the burger gluten free, that’s not possible at KFC. Because, in addition to their seeded buns containing gluten, the chicken patties are all coated in the same Original Recipe gluten batter so, even if you remove the bun, the gluten doesn’t disappear. There’s also additional toppings and sauces that contain gluten.

❌ Fillet Burger - contains wheat
❌ Zinger Burger - contains wheat
❌ Fillet Tower Burger - contains wheat
❌ Zinger Supercharger Tower Burger - contains wheat
❌ Mini Fillet Burger - contains wheat
❌ Kids Mini Fillet Burger - contains wheat
❌ Zinger Stacker - contains wheat
❌ Chicken Fillet Roll - contains wheat
❌ Zinger Fillet Roll - contains wheat
❌ Vegan Burger - contains wheat
❌ BBQ Fillet Tower Burger - contains wheat

🌯 Twister Wraps

KFC Twister Wraps

KFC Twister Wraps

Walk on by, all KFC wraps contain gluten so swerve them. Sorry guys!

❌ Kentucky Mayo Twister - contains wheat
❌ Sweet Chilli Twister - contains wheat
❌ Smokey BBQ Twister - contains wheat
❌ Flamin’ Mini Wrap - contains wheat

🥗 Riceboxes & Salads

Riceboxes and Salads

KFC Riceboxes & Salads

So, it get’s slightly better at this point because there are a couple of options for gluten free folk, just not the ones who stay away from ‘may contains’…

⚠️ Veggie Salad Box - may contain wheat
⚠️ Veggie Ricebox - may contain wheat
❌ Original Recipe Fillet Salad Box - contains wheat
❌ Zinger Salad Box - contains wheat
❌ Zinger Ricebox - contains wheat
❌ Original Recipe Fillet Ricebox - contains wheat

Okay, I said better, I didn’t say it was great!

🍟 Classic Sides & Dips

KFC Classic Sides

KFC Classic Sides & Dips

Unlike McDonald’s UK, who state that they have a dedicated fryer for their fries which are gluten free (depending on whether the branch use re-filtered oil), KFC makes everyone aware that due to their processes, an allergen may be present from cross-contamination within the store.

This means that although some of their sides, like the fries, don’t actually contain any gluten ingredients, they’re coming into contact with gluten via the shared oil and therefore not safe for anyone with coeliac disease. For those who avoid gluten for other reasons, the fries could be an option for you at KFC as long as you’re okay with the cross-contamination risk.

✅ Corn Cob
✅ Coleslaw
✅ Creamy Mash
✅ Vanilla Milkshake
✅ Real Tomato Sauce Dip
✅ Garlic Buttermilk Mayo Dip
✅ Sweet Chilli Sauce Dip
✅ Spicy Supercharger Dip

⚠️ Signature Fries - may contain wheat
⚠️ Hashrown - may contain wheat
⚠️ Southern Rice - may contain wheat
⚠️ Garden Salad - may contain wheat

❌ Gravy - contains barley, oat, rye & wheat
❌ Beans - contain barley & wheat
❌ Smoky BBQ Dip - contains barley

🧋 Drinks

KFC Drinks

KFC Drinks

You’re in luck! All of the following drinks are gluten free, including the hot drinks.

✅ Pepsi Max
✅ Diet Pepsi
✅ Pepsi Cherry Max
✅ Tango
✅ 7UP Free
✅ Lipton Peach
✅ Tropicana Orange
✅ Apple & Blackcurrant Fruit Shoot
✅ Orange Fruit Shoot
✅ Robinsons
✅ Watermelon Line
✅ Sparkling Water
✅ Still Water
✅ Latte
✅ Cappuccino
✅ Tea
✅ Black Americano
✅ White Americano
✅ Hot Chocolate
✅ Espresso

🍨 Desserts & Krushems

KFC Desserts

KFC Desserts

Probably the best dessert options from all of the fast food places we’ve looked into. Just keep an eye out for changes to the Krushem and Sundae flavours- never presume that something is gluten free!

✅ Chocolate Sundae
✅ Milkybar Sundae
✅ Mini Chocolate Sundae
✅ Pineapple Sticks

⚠️ Milkybar Krushems - may contain barley & wheat
⚠️ Aero Krushems - may contain barley & wheat
⚠️ Aero Sundae - may contain barley & wheat

❌ Oreo Biscuit Krushems - contains wheat
❌ Milk Chocolate Cookie - contains wheat
❌ White Chocolate Cookie - contains wheat


So, I think we can all agree after reading that, that if you’re coeliac or someone with a gluten intolerance who doesn’t risk eating ‘may contains’, then you’re definitely best giving KFC a miss and spending your money elsewhere. Especially when your main meal would consist of mash potato and a corn on the cob…

If you are okay with cross-contamination, then maybe you’ll give it a go for some of the sides and riceboxes but it’s still not really a great place even for that - ultimately, it’s a decision you’ll need to make as to whether you feel comfortable eating from KFC considering the risks.

Here are the main points to recap:

⚠️ Pretty much everything on the menu contains gluten or has cross-contamination warnings for gluten - even the garden salad!

⚠️ Removing the bun from the burgers won’t make it gluten free because all of the burgers are coated in a wheat batter, and there’s no option of a beef burger (duh)

⚠️ Always make your server aware of your intolerance/allergy when ordering so that they can put extra measures in place if possible, when preparing your food


❗This was last updated in May 2024 - please note that the KFC menu and allergen information can change at any time so use this as a guide but always double check the official UK KFC allergen guide. ❗